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Monday, September 16, 2019


Patricia swears she didn’t kill anyone, and tht Fausto got angry after finding her and Celso together. “But wht was you doing wth Celso? I don’t understand?” Amelia asks. Fausto admits to his lawyer David tht he killed Celso after finding him making love to his wife, but lies tht Patricia then took th gun and tried to shoot him, and ths how her fingerprints are on th weapon. Patricia finally admits to her daughter tht she was Celso’s lover, and how her dad found out about her affair years ago and she swore never to go back to him again, but then she cldnt resist and resumed th affair, and tht her dad happened to find them kissing at th staircase. Gregory is at Caprice and tells Torrealba wht happened wth Julia’s stabbing.  Amelia calls her dad who tells her she shld tell Patricia to calm down cause he is doing everything to save her. “She isnt do anything, he will make everyone believe I killed Celso” Patricia says, and Amelia promises to talk to her dad. “Its over for me Elda, he will never tell th truth, and will accuse me of a  crime I didn’t commit” she says. “Tht witch will pay for wht she has done, I wont hand myself in. I wont go to prison for a son of a pig like Celso! I want her behind bars begging for my forgiveness!” Fausto tells his lawyer, Fernando comes to ask his dad wht he will do to save his mother. Camila arrives at th hospital and everyone asks her wht happened at Caprice. “I decided to take th staircase when I found Patricia lying next to Celso’s dead body. Th world is very small for tht woman, one day she is the great Aragon lady, and now she is just a common criminal” Camila says, as she tries to avoid smiling frm happiness while Ezequiel looks at his firecracker suspiciously. “Now then, tell me wth happened” Ezequiel asks, and Camila tells him they need to talk in private so tht Max doesn’t suspect a thing, but he is already suspicious and follows them. Amelia doesn’t want to be a  part of making Patricia be accused of killing Celso. When Gregory arrives, he says tht his mom beat him to killing Celso after he stabbed Julia wth a knife. Octavia wonders why Patricia wld shoot Celso just like tht, and it didn’t make any sense at all. Amelia runs to tell Patricia tht her dad wont do anything to help her. “I knew Fausto was going to make me pay for this betrayal wth blood!” Patricia says, adding tht Fausto will do everything to ensure she goes to prison. At th Lopez Mendez hse, Camila has changed clothes and she then tells Ezequiel how she found Patricia next to Celso’s body, but Ezequiel doesn’t understand how Patricia got away. Camila explains how she distracted Torrealba to allow her to escape, and she did it for revenge cause she wanst going to miss th opportunity to accuse Patricia of killing Celso when th one who actually killed him was Fausto. Ezequiel looks so turned on by Camila as she says how she is going to make Patricia feel th same anxiety her mom fell when she was accused ofa  crime she didn’t commit.
Elda advises Patricia to hide so tht she can save herself. Axel is busy feeding th baby, but still wonders how his ex-girlfriend got pregnant after they tried getting kids, but then he still got Amelia pregnant. “You’re my son, and there isnt th slightest doubt. But I still need to go see tht doctor” Axel says. “Tell me sth firecracker, wht will your next move be?” Ezequiel asks her. Camila tells him her plan to continue helping Patricia just to make it all worse for her. Camila leaves to go and see Sr Isabel, but then Ezequiel calls Torrealba to ask him to come to his hse to tell him sth important. Elda tells Patricia they can talk to Sr Isabel to help her hide at th orphanage. Fausto tells Torrealba tht Patricia might have killed Celso after he had threatened to kill Gregory. Patricia begs Sr Isabel and Fr Tiziano to help to hide her after Fausto killed Celso and tried to blame it on her. “But why don’t you go to th police?” Fr Tiziano asks. Camila arrives and finds Patricia there. Sr Isabel refuses to hide Patricia at th orphanage cause its full of children and Fausto might find her there. Camila offers to hide Patricia at th Lopez Mendez hse cause no one will suspect tht she is hiding there. “You know my mom wont last a day in prison” Fernando tells his cousin, but Roger says tht his Uncle too wont manage to survive prison. Amelia comes to ask them if they have doubts too. Roger says tht his uncle wld never hurt his family and tht he can save his Aunt Patricia. Gregory is back at th hospital and confirms to everyone tht his mom did kill Celso and his family is in Celso. Torrealba goes to see Ezequiel who wants to tell him tht Gregory entered his hse and tried to harm his daughter cause he tried to harm Celso. Torrealba warns him tht falsely accusing an innocent person is a crime. Astrid is having tea wth her dad, and when Elda comes back, they ask her how Patricia is doing. “We cant help her now” Elda says, and Astrid says tht it was th most intelligent thing they have ever said and th best thing was for them to not involve themselves further. Camila tries to sneak Patricia into th hse, but Santiago catches her, and warns her tht th police were looking for her, and even Torrealba was in th hse. Fausto tells his lawyer he needs to present th facts to appear tht Patricia killed Celso. “Th fact tht she is a fugitive works in out favor, but th problem now is your children” David advises. Fausto’s children and nephew come to tell him they want to tell th truth. Leandro tells Shelly tht Celso got killed by Patricia Aragon de la Rosa, and tht there was a big scandal. Axel calls th fertility doctor he visited yrs ago wth his ex to find out which one of them had th fertility problem. Axel gets some shocking news cause he even has to take a seat and he bcomes all sad. “This baby is mine, I know he is!” he tries to console himself. “Who wld have thought not only is she a lady but a  lowlife murderer” Astrid says as Elda tells her daughter and husband tht Patricia and Celso were lovers and they were making love on th staircase, then Fausto came and fund them. Fausto cant believe his children don’t want to support him, while Roger sides wth his uncle. “How is it possible tht Roger believes me, but you my daughter don’t? I am making a big sacrifice despite th way she betrayed me, are you going to trust me!” he asks furiously. Camila assures Patricia tht nobody wld think she was hiding in th hse of Ezequiel Lopez Mendez. “I was thinking th same thing, wht are you doing in my hse?” Ezequiel comes to ask her.

Celso Is dead

Camila told Fausto that she found Patricia and Celso kissing at the stairway"you need to get to them before one of your employees do"Camila told Fausto but Fausto told her to go out.he takes a gun from a drawer then goes to the staircase.
Camila runs into Amelia who seems surprised to see her"I didn't bring good news,Celso stabbed Julia when he was fighting with Gregory.meanwhile Camila calls Torrealba to bring back up at caprice cause there will be a tragic.At the hospital Gregory asked the doctor if she'll be okay,he is assured she will be"if she dies, I'll die with her Gregory says.
Fausto goes to the staircase where he finds his wife and Celso kissing,the unimpressed Fausto Stands still,Camila follows him and start recording as a way of getting revenge on her for what she did to Rosa Ezequiel arrives at the hospital,he is furious and ready to eat some human meet.
Amelia calls Fernando to come to caprice because Celso was there after he had stabbed Julia,she calls Roger and say she won't leave til everything is resolved but Axel said her coming to caprice was a bad idea because she just has a baby.Amelia thinks Celso came to caprice to threaten her mom.Fausto finally interrupt his wife and Celso"Remember what I said last time that I won't forgive another infidelity?"Fausto asked his wife.Patricia is shivering,she told her husband to give her the gun but Celso starts making things hard for both him and Patricia, Celso said he was the only one able to handle a woman like Patricia, Patricia told him to shut up, Celso said that Fausto wasn't man enough to kill anyone.meanwhile Camila has continued to record.
"This imbecile can't place his hands on a body like yours,he is a coward who can't control his own son" Celso says to Fausto who pulled his trigger and shot him.Patrica starts screaming and asking for forgiveness from her husband.Then Camila left Like the queen she is.

Look Mr Ezequiel things are not the way they used to  be,Julia is now my wife Gregory explains to Ezequiel that Celso tried to rape Julia then stabbed her.the nervous Patricia is still crying while Fausto tells her to calm then he places the gun in her hands.Amelia asked if they heard the shooting then Fausto shows up wearing his gloves,he removes them then placed them in his pocket.Camila goes back to the stairway where she finds Patricia holding the gun"calm down and put the gun down"Camila tells her aunt.
Amelia follows his dad and start asking questions,her dad told her that she should be home taking care of her baby,Roger and Fernando come to his office, Fausto tells them that he killed Celso.Patricia told Camila that it was Fausto who killed Celso not her"Listen to me if you don't want to go to jail,the police are on their way and everything points to you"Camila tells Patricia.
Camila offers her aunt to get away"by the time the police will come and match the fingerprints you'll be far gone,am the only one who has seen you so listen to me"Camila tells her"Of course no one will believe I killed someone,am Patricia Aragon de la Rosa,thank you Camila" Patricia tells Camila then escapes.Call an ambulance Camila shouts while running down stairs where she runs into Torrealba,Camila tells him that Celso Is dead at the staircase.
Camila tells Torrealba that she took the stairs because the elevator was taking forever then she saw Patricia lying next to Celso's body, then Patricia ran away.Camila tells the cops to call the homicide unit.

The police are at the lobby Amelia tells her dad but Fausto tells Axel to take care of his wife and take her home.Astrid asked Max if he was with Camila but Max told her to think whatever she was.Marcelina tells Astrid that jealous doesn't keep a man.Investigations have already started at Caprice.Roger told Fernando that he saw Patricia and Celso kissing so Fausto killed him.The detectives started asking Fausto some questions,he said he was going to corporate but the detectives told him that Camila was a witness because she was the one that found Patricia next to Celso's body."Surprised"Fausto asked the detectives what his wife was doing with a dead body
Patricia goes straight to Elda to ask to ask her to hide her, Patricia explained to the crazy Elda What had happened at caprice but Elda Is Surprised that Patricia is at her house instead of being at the police giving her Ezequiel orders Santiago To find Camila cause he doesn't know what she might do if she finds Celso.Elda and Patricia decide to call Amelia to find out what was happening at caprice,Amelia said that the police were all over the place and that they were accusing Patricia of committing the murder.
Fernando asked his dad what he was going to do in order to help his mom but Fausto said that Patricia might have to spend some time in jail"we'll see how we can help her"Fausto Gregory Is in denial that his mom commited the crime, Ezequiel told him that it's the women who commit the hideous crimes in his family.Torrealba questions Camila about what she was doing at caprice,Camila said that she followed Celso after he stabbed Julia.Luciano and Patricia are having some serious talks, Luciano doesn't understand why Fausto decided to kill Celso at caprice but Amelia go to the salamanques to tell her mom to surrender before things get out of hand.but Patricia tells her that it was Fausto who killed Celso not her.

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Our woman crush Sunday is Marjorie Magri

Marjorie Magri
Born May 2, 1986 (age 33)
Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation :Actress, model
Years active 2005–present

She has appeared in 7 telenovelas including Piel salvage (wild skin) where she played the role of a gold-digging hoe Astrid Salamanqués,she played as the Main antagonist along side Ezequiel López Méndez

She rose to fame when she appeared in las bandidas as Amparo Montoya,She played the co-lead role

Marjorie is a mother to an adorable kid.She has taken a couple of photos with her child and her baby daddy, she can be seen in the delivery room in one of the photos.

Friday, September 13, 2019

I dare you to leave

Raquel told Val that she didn't know she had a boyfriend"Hello idiot"Mau greets Eugenio,him and Valentina say they love each other so much.Carolina tells Alan to give Gonzalo a chance and meet up with him,Alan says he holds no resentment towards Gonzalo.

René aka Eugenio gives Gonzalo a horrible look.Raquel asked Eugenio what he does for a living,Eugenio said he works for a hotel"right now am staying at your hotel but Valentina won't let me pay"René says then they both start arguing like kids.
Felix fix Nuria's car,Nuria say that they should both try it.Felix opened the car door for him like a gentle man.

Mauricio is upset,he tells Micaela that they had a date but Valentina didn't make it because she was busy with Eugenio.
Felix tries Nuria's car,it works just perfect,Nuria asked how much she owns him but he says that he doesn't charge beautiful women. Felix said that He doesn't notice her leg but just her beautiful face.Nuria told  Felix that if he can't charge her then at least she would like to pay in another way,she suggested dinner or anywhere felix wants to go to,they have a date.
Beto collected the paternity test results,and it's negative,he got confused then asked the nurse what the results mean,the nurse said that it means there is no blood relation between him and the said child.

Mauricio wants Valentina to meet Adriana even if he has to drag her.Gonzalo told..that Alan her daughter's boyfriend is his son.Valentina and Eugenio go out to the beach,they took photos of each other.Val said that if Nuria the witch and Her grandfather didn't live there she would have moved back,her words remind Eugenio of the past and the time he pushed Nuria in a pool.Gonzalo admits to having a strong affection towards Angelica. Eugenio told Val that she has always being close to Mauricio"are you jealous?"Val asks but if he was jealous.when she excused herself, Eugenio called the airline to cancel her seat.

Beto throws the DNA results on the table,Micaela read the results,she turned around in paid,Beto tells her he now knows that his son died then Micaela took Nuria's baby."why did you do this mother?"Micaela said it's because Chelo will never have a child and because Nuria didn't want her son."Maybe you did it with pure love but i have the right to know,i am his father"Beto tells his mother.Beto now understand where Tobias got his tamper,he got it from Nuria.

Nuria is shopping, Her I'll mannered ass things that the shop assistant is looking at her leg but in actual she just wanted to see which shoes would fit her.
Micaela begs Beto not to say the truth because it would hurt chelo and Nuria might send her to jail for letting Beto rise Tobias.Micaela says that Nuria is only looking for her son now because she wants to sell him to Leanel.
Beto said that as soon as Tobias graduates high school she'll talk to Mr Gonzalo so that they can leave the house,he doesn't want Nuria's bad influence near Tobias.
Fabricio asked Adriana if she is anxious to meet val but Adriana says that she doesn't really care.and she wants to meet Julieta.
Celso Is having sex with Patricia meanwhile Celso stabs Julia.
Celso stabs Julia

Fausto asked Celso What he was doing in his house,he said that Julia and Gregory are married so he came to their place to look for Gregory in order to kill him.
"Leandro Fernando came here because he is the father of the baby"Yeli says"I am Joshua's father"Leandro says,got mad then got up.
Octavia has convinced Ezequiel that Camila And Max are lovers.

Fausto asked Patricia"Did Gregory marry Julia or not"Fausto asked Patricia"no Gregory is incapable of doing that"she said.she says that Celso Is on drugs and he tried to take advantage of her but Fausto started choking her"tell me the truth,did Gregory marry Julia?"he asked once again"Yessssss!"Patricia answered in a dying voice.
Julia scolds Sebastian for opening his mouth to Ezequiel And implicating Camila"Now dad thinks Camila betrayed him"Camila says.

Meanwhile at the company Ezequiel who thinks his wife is sleeping with his wife is furious, Ezequiel says that Tonight he'll make things clear to Camila.
"Father have you seen max"Astrid the hoe says"Young girl you need to satisfy your man in bed so he doesn't have to go for other people's wives, especially mine"Ezequiel tells Astrid.
Meanwhile Leandro has refused to accept that Joshua is an Aragon de la Rosa
Gregory shows up at his family's mansion,"yes dad the answer is yes"Gregory says"yes what?"Fausto says"Yes I married your worst enemy's daughter"
Moi dumps Chila for another woman.
Chila is hurt.

Ezequiel Is mad at Camila who can't seem to tell him where she was,he said he'll ask Santiago.
Chila cries sayin she'll poison herself.
Leandro refused to eat,he wants to get rid of Fernando the way his family do it.Yeli managed to calm him"you might go to jail or get killed,we need you"
Ezequiel tells Camila that she betrayed him for supporting Julia's wedding to Gregory,Camila says she supported them because they love each other.Julia hears them from up stairs"why are you mad that I married Gregory but you are not mad over what Celso Did,you like taking advantage of weak women"Julia tells her dad.
Fausto kicks Gregory out of the house"you'll not get any clothes,a car or anything"Fausto tells Gregory.

Joey and Rosemary find Chila crying.
Moi Is dating Doris (Marcelina's helper)she and Moi decide to go out.Max finally shows up.
Camila appreciates Santiago for sticking up for her meanwhile Sara is over hearing their conversation.

Gregory shows up at the Lopez Mendez house to look for Julia, Camila told him that he should have not showed up"I came for Julia and I won't leave without her"Gregory says.
When Gregory went to Julia's bedroom room,he finds Celso trying to abuse Julia.Gregory found him,in retaliation he got a knife to stab Gregory but ended up stabbing Julia.
Down stairs He started talking to Patricia calling her,her lover but Camila was listening to his conversation,she called him shameless, then asked why he has blood,Camila ran upstairs but find Julia in Santiago's hands bleeding"what happened here"she asked "The trash tried to stab me but ended up stabbing Julia"Gregory said.

Octavia finally gave Joshua to Ezequiel"I promise if you don't feel anything even after holding the baby, I'll take him back to Leandro"Octavia says.
Amelia asked Her mom what she was doing with Celso after finding  them together,they excused themselves,went upstairs and started kissing,Camila Found them kissing.
Santiago called Ezequiel to inform him about Julia's accident.he acted very strong but he is really hurt.

Camila made her way to Fausto's office"Uncle i'd like to invite upstairs so that you can see your wife having sex with Celso".
Celso points a gun at Gregory"Calm down everyone says"Gregory calls Celso stupid for trying to kill him in his father's company."who are you to threaten my son" Patricia says to Celso
Celso stabs Julia.

Ezequiel recieves another gift from the mourner,he says it can't be from Rosa Blanco because she is dead, the says perhaps it's really from Marcellina.
Astrid meet with Fernanda,he says that if she wants he can give her a son but Astrid says she wants the child to carry his blood,to be his heir but Fernando messed up by bring up his son"stop,stop Fernando I don't care about your son" then she walks away.
Camila is at the orphanage she asks sis Isabel to tell her how her mom looked,Sis Isabel said she looked just like her.Camila says she will call his cousin"for what?"sister Isabel asks,Camila says to ask him about her mother.

Fausto the crazy old man is furious that Celso wanted to kill his son,he asked his security why they let a crazy man like him to to threaten his son, Gregory told his dad not to shout at them because they acted so quick.
Fausto says that they need to find Celso before the police find him,he questioned Patricia on why she let a man who wanted to kill his son go"one would think you are protecting him"he says"me?"she asks surprising.

Meanwhile Fausto asked Gregory if Celsius wanted to kill him because he has being spending time with Julia"impossible"Gregory answers.
Camila called Henry so that they can meet up,of course he agreed.
Octavia is mad at Ezequiel for allowing him to hurt Julia,he shouts in anger"how could he do something dispensable like that in my own house"Ezequiel asked"It's because you allowed it,Julia warned you that Celso was abusive to women but you still gave him your daughter on a silver plate.

Julia went over at Yeli's place,she is crying then Gregory comes in and asked her why she is crying,She said that Celso tried to abuse her,Gregory is mad,he says he'll make sure that he never does that to any other woman on earth"Gregory don't"Julie says.
Gregory told Julia that Celso went to caprice and tried to kill him"Gregory am very afraid,am very afraid"Julia says.
Ezequiel shows the package he received from the mourner to Octavia"it can't be but Rosa is dead"she says.
Julia tells Gregory that her dad is furious"I know your dad will also be furious"Julia tells Gregory.

Fausto tells Roger that Patricia once cheated on him with Celso"but I won't let this happen again"Fausto says that Celso Will sleep in a cemetery.
Axel meets his ex girlfriend,she is pregnant so they have a little chit chat,Axel says he thought he was the one with fertility issues but since he has a child he now knows he is fine"Really?"the ex is surprised.

Crazy Marcellina takes the flowers she received from Alfred to Astrid because she has no where to take them and she doesn't want to throw them away.
Astrid tells her mom that she wants to have a child with max.
Patricia finds Celso in her house,she grabs him by his clothes"you are insane not because you wanted to kill Gregory but because you are in my house"she tells him "I came here to tell you that Julia and Gregory are married" Celso says "what! don't ever say that"Patricia says while they are still arguing Roger comes in"What are you doing?"he asks
Celso tells Roger that Julia and Gregory are now married so he wants to clear things with Fausto.
Roger walks upstairs but he stands to watch them.
Axel tells Amelia that Celso tried to kill Gregory at caprice.
The baby starts crying,Amelia excused herself then Axel started thinking about his pregnant ex he met.

Ezequiel Is angry because Camila isn't picking up her calls, she is not even with sister Isabel"and Max isn't in his office"Octavia says added fuel to the fire.
Leandro forgot that he was going to buy diapers,Yeli phones him to tell him that he needs to buy diapers.
Ezequiel Is worried about Camila and Max"just accept it Ezequiel Camila And Max are lovers.
Patricia and Celso continued to kiss just when they stop Fausto walks in.
Yeli is patting her baby when Fernando shows up,he says the child is his so he can visit him whenever he wants to meanwhile Leandro opens the door carrying diapers.
Luciana is just as artistic as the Kardashian women when it comes to nudes,well at least that's what she said not me.
Chichester feels sorry for Lichita because she thinks the newspaper headlines are going to destroy her.Braulio says he wants to help chuchette write the headlines but Brisa intentionally bumped into him, making his coffee on his white shirt.
Rafael is worried about Dafne, Rafael tells her that Dafne's attacks towards people should worry her,Beatriz says she has being praying to God then Rafael asked her if she can let him look after Dafne.
Alicia threatens Augusto.

At the hospital Augusto informs Roberto that he'll stand as a president of the API.
Nacho tells Alicia that her place isn't at their café but at an advertising agency.
Meanwhile another café will be opened in days to come,this has worried Alicia's family.Alicia calms her family by telling them that their competitors coffee is pricy,her family are still worried then Ximena mentions that the poster reads"café comes to you at a price anyone can afford"Alicia still has hope,she says it could be some advertising strategy.
Luciana tries to convince her husband to accept her "Uncle's"offer, Roberto says she has other plans for his family,well Luciana is tired of talking so she decides it's selfie time,Roberto positions himself in readiness for the selfie,After taking a selfie Luciana mentions that it's better than the one Roberto took kissing Alicia.

Going through Luciana's phone, Roberto notices Lucina's nude photo"I just wanted to prove to myself that I can be just as artistic as those Kardashian women"She says.Roberto is back home,the first thing he does is to talk to his crazy brother Gumaro.Roberto tells Gumaro that Augusto wants him to be the API president.
Ximena can't go to bed because she is worried that the new café will ruin their business,she wants to give Alicia back the money she has being giving her to serve for the tuitions,Alicia declines Ximena's offer.

Valeria tells Luciana to take care of Roberto,Luciana says that The new nurse will be arriving in the money so she can take care of him because she(Luciana)knows nothing about that.
Meanwhile Alicia sends Dafne an email to explain everything that happened with Alex,Alicia tells Ximena that she never got a chance to talk to Dafne.
Augusto went back to the API premises to introduce Roberto as his new candidate,they mentioned that he is nervous.
Braulio sees chuchette flirting with Rafael"Braulio there is something I want to tell you"Brisa says to him.

Alicia goes back to iconika,Augusto asked ...to ask Alicia out but Alicia says that she won't leave until to speaks to him,she says she has something confidential to speak to him about but if he wants her to shout then she'll gladly do it.
At the orphanage Roberto and Gumaro are denied access to Mateo.
Alicia says that If she won't be appointed back as the creative general director then she'll tell the world that Augusto already knew that Alex was gay and in fact he planned the romance to save Alex's image and his own"Go ahead and do it"Augusto tells Alicia while laughing.
Alicia mentions to him that while going through the company she found some accounts that were not adding up,Again Augusto laughs,this time harder,this angered Alicia"Go ahead and laugh though I doubt that your wife will have the same humour when she finds out that you and Ms Sandra have being lovers for the past 10 years.
Yes Alicia that's what he deserves.